More People Cycling

Co-Hosted by Robyn Luff and Rick Fraser

Rick Fraser is the MLA for Calgary-South East who has served as Associate Government Whip and in cabinet in a number of associate minister roles. He is now the Energy critic. Robyn Luff was a teacher until being recently elected in Calgary-East where Bike Central is located. She serves on a number of legislative committees and initiated a road reporting study to enhance cyclist safety on Alberta highways. The SE Enduro was sponsored by Quarry Park Calgary Co-operative and was held on June 24, 2016. Transportation provided by Grow Calgary.

SE Enduro Commute

The SE Enduro Commute is a late winter or early spring long distance bike ride that highlights the feasibility of cycling from distant suburbs to Downtown Calgary. The ride was proposed by MLA Rick Fraser when he was a rookie member of the legislature. The ride brings together a mix of participants with a wide range of cycling abilities drawn from Tour de Nuit sponsors, stakeholders, members, bike stores, directors and our student interns. In 2015, the SE Enduro Commute started at the South Trail Calgary Coop, which sponsored a Cyclists’ Breakfast, and First Student, the school bus operator, provided logistical support to transport riders from the downtown rendezvous at the Danish Canadian Club. In contrast to the Tour of Alberta Ride the Road tour, which will soon bypass the one thousand participant target, SE Enduro Commute is relatively small. This enabled use of the extensive pathway system that commuters frequently ride and ensured that all participants were able to converse with each other over the duration of the event.

Trina Hurdman, Trustee, Calgary Board of Education

The 2015 SE Enduro was a delightful ride through city pathways that I had no idea even existed. Being a mother of three young children, my bike rides usually consist of a few kilometers at an extremely slow pace -so I had considerable doubts as to whether or not I could complete the entire distance. My fears were unfounded as it turned out to be a leisurely ride where I had the opportunity to chat with at least a dozen people whom I had never met before as we took in the beautiful scenery along the Bow River. It was a great experience that has me determined to get my family out on our bikes more often to explore the city in a different way. I look forward to participating again next year!

Chris Alig PEng, (former co-chair City of Calgary Pathway and Bikeway Advisory Committee)

First of all, it was eye-opening to a number of the participants that something like a 26km commute would be an almost effortless ride on a bicycle. The length of the commute, however, proved to be a real contributor to allowing the riders to mix and converse among themselves easily. In my case, as a seasoned commuter, I was interested to see how the ride and the commute was to the others. I spoke at some length with Rick Fraser, the area MLA, and we discussed what the province has been doing to facilitate cycling-- chief among them was the Rotary-Mattamy Greenway project that has been funded and built. Ric McIver also expressed interest in the importance that cycling infrastructure can play as a healthy transportation option.

The ride presented a great opportunity to meet and discuss cycling with a varied number of cyclists: the experienced commuter, the tentative first-timer and the head of the CPS bicycle patrol officers-- someone whom essentially cycles for a living. Hearing and sharing experiences with like-minded cyclists was a great opportunity, one that should be expanded into an annual event. It allows a spectrum of the cycling community to get together, exchange ideas, really experience and rethink what amazing tools bicycles can be in our communities and our everyday lives.

Marc Abshagen, Account Executive, Interface

I would have never guessed we had access to such beautiful scenery nestled off of busy road ways and industrial areas. Our ride took us alongside the Bow River (with wonderful views of the Rocky Mountains), past a bird sanctuary and ultimately into downtown with great city views on the approach. I felt this ride was very comfortable and would be enjoyable for riders of all skill levels. Why use 4 tires when 2 are much more fun?

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