More People Cycling

Sunday, August 27, 2017


This year's ride, as in previous years, affords an opportunity to enjoy cycling in a group or with your family under traffic-free conditions on some major arterial roads. Participants will be able to discover the sensation of feeling completely safe on Calgary roads on a bicycle.

When the planning for this unique ride commenced in 2008, the Tour of Alberta Ride the Road tour was meant to highlight the need for separated cycling infrastructure or cycle tracks. On June 21, 2015 the City of Calgary held an official opening of the network precipitated by our participants back in 2009.

Tour of Alberta Ride the Road fees have hardly changed over seven years to ensure that the maximum number of people can avail themselves of this novel, annual experience.

Registration is now open! Register Now. Higher day of event fees are in effect.

There are 4 unique rides. Review which one or combination is suited to you and your friends or family.

The North Spoke Ride - 9.36 km

Tuxedo Source for Sports is the start location of the North Spoke Ride.

2520 Centre St NE T2E 2V2 A map of the route for the North Spoke Ride in Calgary, Alberta.

9:30 am Sign In.

10:30 am Ride Starts.

The North Spoke Ride will start at Tuxedo Source for Sports at 10:30 am (sign up opens at 9:30) and proceed south down Centre St N. You will heading to Stanley Park. The main ‘Ride the Road' tour will commence at 12:15 pm from Stanley Park after spoke riders catch their breath. The organizers and Calgary Police Service want to meet the need for speed on this spoke ride. Our team of experienced cycling sweeps ensures that no one will be left behind.

The North Spoke Ride will be conducted with a rolling closure so cyclists will have an extraordinary, uninterrupted ride down Centre Street N through downtown, via 5th St SW and Elbow Drive SW. The police escort will adjust the speed of the spoke ride to maintain the integrity of the group (peloton) of cyclists.

Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate children or cyclists riding low-geared cruisers or pulling bicycle trailers on the spoke rides. The main ‘Ride the Road’ tour departing Stanley Park at 12:15 pm is perfect for families and children.

A map of the route for the South Spoke Ride in Calgary, Alberta.

The South Spoke Ride - 18 km - Unescorted

Shawnessy YMCA is the start location of the South Spoke Ride.

400, 333 Shawville Blvd. SE T2Y 4H3

9:30 am Sign In.

10:10 am Ride Starts.

The South Spoke Ride will start in Shawnessy in Calgary's deep south at 10:10 am (sign up at 9:30) at the Shawnessy YMCA. The route is straightforward: from Shawnessy, through Millrise proceed through Fish Creek Provincial Park on paved pathways to Canyon Meadows and Elbow Drive to Stanley Park. South Spoke riders will have a brief respite and depart on the main 'Ride the Road' tour with cyclists from the North Spoke Ride and the families who participate in the Hub, the main 'Ride the Road' tour.

If you have done the North Spoke the south leg has its own distinct character as you leave inner city suburbs for what once was the southern border of the city until only a few years ago.

There is no police escort on the South Spoke Ride. In the absence of a rolling closure all rules of the road will be obeyed. Only cyclists comfortable with cycling on roads in proximity with light to moderate traffic should participate on this route. Participants will be in one peloton for most of the trip. The transit through Fish Creek Provincial Park will be on multiple use pathways and other park users may be encountered in this section. The peloton will be followed by a support vehicle.

The Main 'Ride the Road' Hub Route - 16.5 km

Stanley Park is the start location of the main Hub Ride.

332 42 Ave SW A map of the route for the main Ride the Road tour in Calgary, Alberta.

10:30 am - 12:00 pm Sign In.

12:15 pm Ride Starts.

The Hub Ride or main ride of the Tour of Alberta Ride the Road tour is a leisurely bicycle ride that departs Stanley Park loops through Downtown and then returns to the park. Unlike the spoke rides you will finish this ride where you started. The ride commences in Stanley Park east of the Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club near the SE parking lot on 42nd Ave SW. The route has been designed as the flattest possible for this particular distance. Parents with children in trailers are welcomed. However, there are two subways under the CPR mainline to negotiate and three small hills (two on 42nd by the park and one entering Ramsay east of the MacDonald Bridge). For children who are self-propelled the ride is restricted to those over nine years old.

Stanley Park is the site for live entertainment, children's activities and product displays.

The RtRt Children's Tour

A map of the route for the Childrens Ride in Stanley park located in Calgary, Alberta.

Three years ago when then 6 year old Mila finished the Tour she gave the following advice "Have a good night's rest and have good snacks before the ride. Riding in the middle of the road felt awesome - I loved it!" The ToA RtRt Children’s Tour is for those cyclists under 10 years old. Younger cyclists will start with the main family Hub Ride, proceed up Elbow Drive SW and return to Stanley Park via the Elbow River multiple use pathway.

To get more kids like Mila cycling contact us about membership To learn more about what we are proposing, see our projects page.

The Children's Hybrid Ride

Father with children and a child trailer.

For the little ones who want to take part in the Main Ride there is now the Hybrid Ride! Children will hop on their bikes and ride the Children's Ride up to the intersection of Lansdowne Ave. and Elbow Dr. They will drop their bikes off and hop into their parent's bicycle trailer for the remainder of the Main Hub Ride. We will transport the children's bicycles back to our stage in Stanley Park. A map of the route for the Childrens Ride in Stanley park located in Calgary, Alberta.