More People Cycling


Can I participate in more than one ride?

Yes. Note that the North Spoke and South Spoke rides are at approximately the same time; therefore it will be impossible for an individual to participate in both. The Main Hub Ride starts after the North Spoke and South Spoke rides have reached Stanley Park.

Are all the routes police escorted?

No. The routes with a police escort are the North Spoke and Main Hub rides. The South Spoke ride is designed for more advanced cyclists, and participants will be expected to follow the rules of the road. The Children’s Ride does not enter major roads and is led by a lead cyclist.

Can adults participate in the Children’s Ride?

Yes. Adults may accompany their child(ren) in the Children’s Ride.

Will handcycles be permitted at the Tour of Alberta Ride the Road tour?

Yes, handcycles are permitted.

What time does the event end?

We expect the event to wind up at about 4:00 PM. When the Main Hub Ride arrives at Stanley Park you are welcome to stay, enjoy the entertainment, socialize, children’s activities and free ice cream provided.

Will there be bike security at Stanley Park?

There will be bike racks set up at the venue. It is to your discretion to leave your bike at the bike racks.