More People Cycling

The Tour de Nuit graphic design team provided this poster to the Calgary Bike Show as our way of thanking the organizers for their contribution to the local cycling community.

A poster to promote the calgary bike show on March 28th and 29th from 10am to 6pm at the Big Four Building.

The Calgary Bike Show

Canmore's Epic Outdoor Events, the organizer of the Calgary Bike Show, had a very respectable first effort with a good cross section of the local bike businesses taking part. The Calgary Bike Show fills the last gap in big city bicycle events. At this time of year cabin fever is a common affliction affecting all manner of cyclists but the organizers battled the weather to successfully achieve very good attendance numbers.

Along with a host of other riders, shops, brands and organizations the Tour de Nuit Society showcased our poster display for the Downtown Bike Network, highlighting where current research trends would advise cycle track construction. The research is the product of several teams working in the last couple of years to provide input to the Council and Transportation Department on transportation demand planning for bicycle commuters.

The Alberta Peloton Association provided a Tour of Alberta signed jersey while Clif Bar and Ultima kept all those cycling debates energized. Tour de Nuit artwork commissioned for diverse events such as the Hans Moor public talk to the 7th St SW cycle track to the eye catching Calgary Sun Tour of Alberta Ride the Road tour advertisement were also on display.

For the love of bikes