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Outdoor Activity Survey For Cyclists

A team of researchers at the Haskayne School of Business, the University of Calgary, in conjunction with the Outdoor Council of Canada is conducting a survey of socio-economic behavior of participants engaged in outdoor recreational activities.

Albertans enjoying a ride

The purpose of this research is to create a model for evaluating the socio-economic contributions of non-motorized outdoor activities to Alberta. This model, by establishing how non-motorized outdoor activity contributes socially and economically, will be used to help inform/educate policy makers at the municipal and provincial level to influence debate around the use, management, and the allocation of government resources to public spaces.

Cyclists and members of the public who participate in recreational cycling activities are asked to complete a short survey that will allow this UofC research team to assess what is the optimal level of financial resources.

The fine print and details of this academic research are available in this statement of purpose.

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